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Located in the heart of the Canterbury Plains, boutique milk company, Roan, is owned and operated by James and Chloe Davidson with their two young children Angus and Margot. The Davidson family have been building their boutique milk business and small herd of Shorthorn and Jersey cows for the last three years and are excited to be finally turning their dream into reality.

The focus on Roan Farm is keeping cows in their natural environment and ensuring the footprint Roan has on the environment is reduced where possible. We are committed to keeping cows with their calves so that they can flourish off their mum’s milk. There are no long walks for our cows and calves because we bring our portable milking trailer to the cow’s paddock once a day for milking. Cows are 100% grass-fed and their pastures are free of chemical pesticides, glyphosphate and synthetic fertilisers. Although the farm we milk off hasn't achieved organic certification as yet, we are in the conversion stage and follow the strict organic certification methods.

Our glass bottles are part of our commitment to the environment, please rinse them and have them waiting out for delivery so that they can be returned for a full bottle of milk.

You can drink Roan milk knowing that, while it tastes delicious, it comes from cows who keep their calves in an environment that is kept in its purest form.

We hope you enjoy sharing milk from our family farm around your family table. 

James, Chloe, Angus and Margot Davidson.