Pint - one week's worth

Pint - one week's worth

from 4.50

One week’s worth = 1 x weekly milk delivery

Please select the one-off $2.50 charge per glass bottle if you are ordering for the first time or have broken/misplaced a bottle.

If you have glass bottles to return, our team will collect empties on delivery day and replace them with bottles of fresh milk. Please leave your empty, rinsed bottles in an accessible place between your front door and your letterbox.

New/Existing Customer:
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Roan Farm:

  • keeps cows in their natural environment, ensuring the footprint Roan has on the environment is reduced where possible

  • is committed to keeping cows with their calves so that they can flourish off their mum’s milk

  • brings their portable milking trailer to the cow’s paddock once a day for milking, eliminating long tedious walks for our cows and calves

  • cows are 100% grass-fed and their pastures are free of chemical pesticides, glyphosphate and synthetic fertilisers

Roan Farm provide's you with a unique and sustainable experience in which we deliver your milk in glass bottles. These bottles are returnable, as long as they have been rinsed and left out for our collection at time of your next delivery. Please note our glass bottles are not dishwasher safe.

Each week on delivery day (please see table for your area's delivery day) please leave your empty rinsed bottles in a place easily accessible between your front door and your letterbox and our team will collect them when we drop fresh milk to your door.

We hope you enjoy sharing milk from our family farm around your family table.